What does Direct Access mean for my treatment?

October 17th, 2019

As of July 1, 2015, the Commonwealth of Virginia allows individuals to seek physical therapy and receive treatment for a 30-calendar-day period without a referral from a physician. After 30 calendar days, a referral from a physician is required to continue physical therapy. If you have a primary care physician or have previously consulted a specialist regarding your current symptoms, please provide the name of that physician to us. If you have an established primary care physician, OPT is required by Virginia law to send your initial evaluation report to that physician within 14 days of your initial appointment.  If you suspect you have an injury that requires physical therapy, we will provide you immediate, non-pharmaceutical treatment that allows you to reduce pain, stay active, and save money. The benefits of starting physical therapy early may include quicker reduction of pain and faster return to activity.  if necessary based on the severity of your injury, we can refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional. This saves you the time and cost of a visit to your primary care physician and puts you on the road to recovery.